The Troll Face | A Face With Mischievous Smile To Troll Someone

We See Many Posts on the Social Media that contain an annoying image. A face with the mischievous smile makes the message more extraneous and inflammatory. People use this Troll Face in arguments to make the other person upset. As a matter of fact, it is a good way to troll someone by sending facial expressions wearing an impish smile. You can see many posts on Facebook that contain this face. Well, it is fun to read the messages that contain a face used to troll others.

Troll Face

The Troll Face:

It is a rage comic meme that had the name “The Cool face” in the beginning. It is used commonly to portray a character in the online discussion and arguments. People use it when they want to send messages to make someone upset in the arguments online. As a matter of fact, this face really trolls when someone mentions your name and sends this face to you.

Well as for as the origin of the Troll face is concerned it was drawn by an Oakland-based artist Carlos Ramirez. He drew this meme containing a mischievous smile and another character Rape Rodent. The rape rodent was a face similar to this face, but it had a wicked smile. In fact both the characters had same emotions.

But the face used to troll became more popular, and on 19th September 2008 was uploaded to the deviant ART. Now you see the posts on social media containing this meme that us quite funny. In addition, many games and derp videos have used this face character. No doubt that it is a scene stealer in rage comics.


This is quite funny Troll Face that people use this meme many times in their posts. They want to troll someone or make him annoy then add a funny face or the expression of sarcasm and send it to others. Moreover, when people are busy in the discussing something online, and then the discussion turns into the arguments. Then the best thing is to write a solid argument and add the trolling face. This will make the other person upset and annoyed. As a matter of fact, it is interesting to know that the maker of this meme Ramirez has earned a lot due to this character. In the year 2010, he earned more than $ 100,000 in the license fee and the settlement payouts.

The Mobile App:

If your posts are boring or you want to make your videos and pictures funnier then add this meme to your pictures. Now you can download the troll app on your windows phone. Make funny faces and send the trolling messages to your friends. It is a free app, and you do not need to pay for downloading it. You can change the language to get the better understanding of the app as it has the option of two languages French and English. But you need a Microsoft account to get this app.

The TrollFace Quest Game:

As we have discussed above that this meme is used in the video games as well. So enjoy playing an adventure game that has a bunch of unique challenges. Yes, we are talking about the TrollFace Quest Game. As the meme we have discusses in this article is a funny face expression, so this game is really fun playing. It is a cool adventures game in which you have to complete random missions.

Start The Game:

When you start the game, a funny face character appears on a TV along with another funny character standing beside him. They ask you questions that do you like games, and I want to play with you. To go to the next level, you have to turn off the TV by cutting the cables. The funny character that is standing there has a tool in his hand. By using that tool, you can cut the cable and turn off the TV. But if you fail then a funny meme appears on the screen to troll you and make you upset.

Once you have cleared the first level, then you reach the next and so on. This game has many versions that are all fun and adventure playing. When you fail at any level the funny face trolls, you and you click on the restart option again and again to complete the level. The developers have made the crazy editions in which you have to solve the brain teasing puzzles. So what are you waiting for? Just start playing the TrollFace quest game editions.

Quest Games Hack:

If you are a game lover and spend your leisure time in playing games, then you should also try the quest games once. You will become addicted playing this as it involves fun ad adventure. The funny characters somehow make you upset and motivate you to try again and again. But if you want to boost in front of friends and family then you can use cheat codes to clear all the levels of the game.

When you use the cheat codes, you can get numerous resources that will help you to clear the levels and win the game. These hack tools are available on the internet.

Using these cheat codes will help you to get the competitive advantage over other players. And you will find playing the quest game more interesting. But make sure that it is not affecting your studies.

The new editions of the quest game are coming with the flash technology that works with all the browsers. Troll Face it is a fantastic game played by thousands of people. So whenever you have spare time and nothing else to do then start playing this awesome game. You will become addicted to this game. But always remember that excess of everything is bad. And if you are a game lover then it is ok, but you should not play games at the cost of your life. Focus on your studies first and spend your leisure time in playing this funny and full of adventures game Minecraft Unblocked.