Minecraft Sweet And Awesome | An Excellent Video Game

Have got bored of playing same games again and again? Or you do not want to play the games in which you have to kill the invader, run or die. Then here is another excellent game for you that will be a fun playing. Yes, we are talking about Minecraft Sweet And Awesome game. Though the graphics are bit awful but when you start playing it, you would love it.

Minecraft Sweet And Awesome
Minecraft Sweet And Awesome

A Sandbox Type Game Play:

As a matter of fact, Minecraft is an extraordinary game consists of many challenging levels that make this game exciting. It is an entirely different game and is fun to play it. An intelligent man Markus Persson designed this game and is in its developing stages yet. The two versions (alpha and beta) are available, but you can purchase the beta version only.

The best thing is that you can play this game online or offline, single player or multiplayer. But to play this game, you require the member authentication.

When the game starts the player is on the island where he has to build constructions. He can build anything using cubical blocks. Though the island from where the game starts is a tiny place but gradually the game becomes interesting. It is a game with the simple objective. You have to build whatever you want to and survive. The player has to build shelters also to stay at night. As a matter of fact to win the game all you have to do is to build constructions and survive from monsters.

The Mods Of The Game:

The gamer also have done modifications in the Minecraft Sweet And Awesome game which has increased the developer’s gaming experience. Here are some of the Minecraft games Mods:

  • Bette Hud:

The first Minecraft mod we are discussing here is the better Hud. This mod allows the gamer to functions to play the game. The player will get information to raise health, search new armors and food, etc.

  • Chance Cubs:

The chance cub is a colored block the player can use to check the luck ratio. You can get the pendants using this block, and if you keep the pendant while exploiting materials, then you increase the rate of chance of the block.

  • Ultimate Unicorn Mod:

The unicorn is a famous character with the wings and horn. It is a flying horse with magical powers. In the ultimate unicorn mod, you can raise more energy by pressing ‘f’ key and taming the unicorn with golden apples.

  • Repose:

It is a wonderful mod in which you can reconstruct the blocks. In the beginning, you would not be able to use these mods but later you will understand that how to make this game more awesome by these modifications.

Thus it is an interesting game and you would get addicted once you play it. It is not like other games that are why you do not get bored by playing this game. In fact, it is a game that enhances your creativity as well.

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